My Wonderful Companions

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

My Wonderful Companions

As I mentioned yesterday, my cat, Dolly, got himself into trouble with my dad.

I still could remember it was a Tuesday and dad came home early and on his way home, brought two large chinese carps. They are beautiful - their bodies had tri-colors: white, black and orange.

Upon reaching home, dad put the carps in a pail of water as the fish aquarium was still being setup. And I was happily feeding fish pallets to the two newcomers.

The following morning I was still sleeping soundly when I heard loud commotion in the backyard. I awoke and made my way to the backyard to find out what had happened.

I never saw my dad so angry before!!!

Apparently, my pet cat, Dolly, must have targetted his night hunt towards the bird that my dad had kept in the cage which hang from the ceiling of podium in our backyard. In the quest of capturing the bird, Dolly had jumped and snatched the cage! Obviously being a young and strong fellow, he succeeded in bringing down the cage from the ceiling!!!

So the bird cage fell and hit the pail containing the two chinese carps that my dad had bought the previous day. The pail toppled and the fishes died.

And my Dolly having achieved his intention, made a feast of the poor birdie as his supper!!!!

So you can imagine how furious my dad was when he saw the aftermath of the previous night sage caused by Dolly!!!

Guess what punishment my dad metered on Dolly!??

Well will tell more tomorrow ....


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