My Wonderful Companions

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

It has been a long absence ... well I'm just being overwhelmed with my work ...

During this period of stress, my cat, Dolly, has been my source of companion after a long day of work.

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

My Cat is Sick Today

This morning when I woke up I found my cat,Dolly, was not feeling well

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That Cat Urine Odor!

Times passed fast ... it was almost three months since Dolly had his operation. It was a Sunday and my Dad brought the family out for a picnic by the beach.

It was very late by the time we reached home. I guessed Dolly must be upset with being left all alone at home with no one to play with him. So when we reached, a trench (foul odor) reached our noses when we opened the door.

The cat's urine odor was really intolerable!

Out of frustration, Dolly had decided not to use the cat litter box but went around the house and pissed everywhere, particularly at the sofa, rugs, shoes, etc. How I hated having to clean the cat urine!!!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

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My Questions About My Cat, Dolly

Dolly recovered and was back to his naughty and mischievous self after a few days of rest and recovery.

Times passed fast and I had so much fun with him - often we played hide and seek, chasing after ball, and watching him toying with roaches was such fun!

One day my dad was home early and I started asking him the many 'why' about my cat:

a. Why is it good to keep cat

My dad explained that owning cats was good for our health and could decrease the chance of having high blood pressure and other illnesses. And when we stroke a cat would help to relieve stress and feeling the purring of a cat conveyed a strong stress of security and comfort.

b. Why my cat has such tail

My dad explained that it is used to maintain Dolly's balance.

c. Why Dolly liked to chew the grass in our backyard?

Daddy said this is to help the cat's digestion and also to remove fur in the cat's stomach.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

My Cat had been Neutered

Well the entire clinical procedure to get my Dolly neutered was only a day.

In the morning we sent him to the vet clinic and were told that we could come back at 3 pm to bring him home. Of course the vet explained to us that he would also carried out a number of other test procedures to check my tomcat's overall health conditions. Tests that he would do included cholesterol, heart, weight, etc. Isn't it amazing - it's like a full human body checkup.

Well, by the time we collected Dolly home, he was drowsy and lethargic - probably due to the medication and surgery.

Instead of walking straight, his steps were staggered. He lost his appetite for the day even foregoing his favourite Whiskas Cat Food.

My Wonderful Companions

Should I Neuter my Tebby Cat

Well, Dolly had been staying with us for quite awhile. But more and more he became restless and nights after nights, he would attempt to get out of the house.

Very often, he would sit at the fencing and look across the street where there were many felines roaming around. Worst still, for nights he would make much noise incessantly.

Finally my dad decided to bring him to the veterinarian to get him neutered.

Of course being young, I don't know what does that mean. And this is what my dad explained to me:

1. Spaying and neutering cat are the most effective ways of keeping the cat population under control

2. Spaying is done on female cats. It is an abdominal surgery, which entails the removal of the cat's uterus and ovaries. Besides preventing unwanted litters, it also:

- Prevent tumors and infections of the ovaries and uterus.
- Greatly decrease the risk for mammary cancer.
- Avoid the hassle of a female cat in heat.

3. Neutering a male cat involves making small incisions in the scrotum and removing the testes. No sutures are made and the scrotal sacs are usually covered with antibiotics and left to heal.

My dad explained further to me that if a male cat is not neutered, it would not be a good house pet. Moreover, neutering a male cat will give the following benefits:

- Preventing spraying. Unneutered tomcats like to spray foul-smelling urine around their territory. Neutering a male cat before he reaches sexual maturity, almost always prevents this behavior pattern from emerging.
- Prevent roaming. Tomcats tend to roam long distances. It also put them in danger, as they are more likely to be hit by a car, poisoned, or be hurt by dogs and people.
- Prevent injuries and disease. Tomcats tend to get into catfights over females and territory. Neutering them will reduce such occurrences

Well, so off my Dolly went to the vet clinic to undertake the procedure ....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

Dolly - How my Dad punish my darling cat

As I mentioned on Friday, my dad was real furious when he saw that my cat had killed the fishes and ate his favourite bird.

So for the rest of the week, Dolly's freedom was taken away. Strict instruction was given that he was to remain in his cage and not allowed to roam freely in our house!

Poor Dolly - he could only meow and whine.

Also, no food was given to him for the whole day. How he missed his favourite Whiskas Cat Food

Of course, I could do little for him. I could only stroke him. That calmed him down and how he closed his eyes almost shut, turned his ears to the side and started to purr.

Oh, can't share much now .. got to go as my Shetland Sheepdog is demanding me to bring her for her daily walk

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

My Wonderful Companions

As I mentioned yesterday, my cat, Dolly, got himself into trouble with my dad.

I still could remember it was a Tuesday and dad came home early and on his way home, brought two large chinese carps. They are beautiful - their bodies had tri-colors: white, black and orange.

Upon reaching home, dad put the carps in a pail of water as the fish aquarium was still being setup. And I was happily feeding fish pallets to the two newcomers.

The following morning I was still sleeping soundly when I heard loud commotion in the backyard. I awoke and made my way to the backyard to find out what had happened.

I never saw my dad so angry before!!!

Apparently, my pet cat, Dolly, must have targetted his night hunt towards the bird that my dad had kept in the cage which hang from the ceiling of podium in our backyard. In the quest of capturing the bird, Dolly had jumped and snatched the cage! Obviously being a young and strong fellow, he succeeded in bringing down the cage from the ceiling!!!

So the bird cage fell and hit the pail containing the two chinese carps that my dad had bought the previous day. The pail toppled and the fishes died.

And my Dolly having achieved his intention, made a feast of the poor birdie as his supper!!!!

So you can imagine how furious my dad was when he saw the aftermath of the previous night sage caused by Dolly!!!

Guess what punishment my dad metered on Dolly!??

Well will tell more tomorrow ....