My Wonderful Companions

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

Should I Neuter my Tebby Cat

Well, Dolly had been staying with us for quite awhile. But more and more he became restless and nights after nights, he would attempt to get out of the house.

Very often, he would sit at the fencing and look across the street where there were many felines roaming around. Worst still, for nights he would make much noise incessantly.

Finally my dad decided to bring him to the veterinarian to get him neutered.

Of course being young, I don't know what does that mean. And this is what my dad explained to me:

1. Spaying and neutering cat are the most effective ways of keeping the cat population under control

2. Spaying is done on female cats. It is an abdominal surgery, which entails the removal of the cat's uterus and ovaries. Besides preventing unwanted litters, it also:

- Prevent tumors and infections of the ovaries and uterus.
- Greatly decrease the risk for mammary cancer.
- Avoid the hassle of a female cat in heat.

3. Neutering a male cat involves making small incisions in the scrotum and removing the testes. No sutures are made and the scrotal sacs are usually covered with antibiotics and left to heal.

My dad explained further to me that if a male cat is not neutered, it would not be a good house pet. Moreover, neutering a male cat will give the following benefits:

- Preventing spraying. Unneutered tomcats like to spray foul-smelling urine around their territory. Neutering a male cat before he reaches sexual maturity, almost always prevents this behavior pattern from emerging.
- Prevent roaming. Tomcats tend to roam long distances. It also put them in danger, as they are more likely to be hit by a car, poisoned, or be hurt by dogs and people.
- Prevent injuries and disease. Tomcats tend to get into catfights over females and territory. Neutering them will reduce such occurrences

Well, so off my Dolly went to the vet clinic to undertake the procedure ....


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