My Wonderful Companions

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

My Cat had been Neutered

Well the entire clinical procedure to get my Dolly neutered was only a day.

In the morning we sent him to the vet clinic and were told that we could come back at 3 pm to bring him home. Of course the vet explained to us that he would also carried out a number of other test procedures to check my tomcat's overall health conditions. Tests that he would do included cholesterol, heart, weight, etc. Isn't it amazing - it's like a full human body checkup.

Well, by the time we collected Dolly home, he was drowsy and lethargic - probably due to the medication and surgery.

Instead of walking straight, his steps were staggered. He lost his appetite for the day even foregoing his favourite Whiskas Cat Food.


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