My Wonderful Companions

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Wonderful Companions

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My Questions About My Cat, Dolly

Dolly recovered and was back to his naughty and mischievous self after a few days of rest and recovery.

Times passed fast and I had so much fun with him - often we played hide and seek, chasing after ball, and watching him toying with roaches was such fun!

One day my dad was home early and I started asking him the many 'why' about my cat:

a. Why is it good to keep cat

My dad explained that owning cats was good for our health and could decrease the chance of having high blood pressure and other illnesses. And when we stroke a cat would help to relieve stress and feeling the purring of a cat conveyed a strong stress of security and comfort.

b. Why my cat has such tail

My dad explained that it is used to maintain Dolly's balance.

c. Why Dolly liked to chew the grass in our backyard?

Daddy said this is to help the cat's digestion and also to remove fur in the cat's stomach.


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