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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That Cat Urine Odor!

Times passed fast ... it was almost three months since Dolly had his operation. It was a Sunday and my Dad brought the family out for a picnic by the beach.

It was very late by the time we reached home. I guessed Dolly must be upset with being left all alone at home with no one to play with him. So when we reached, a trench (foul odor) reached our noses when we opened the door.

The cat's urine odor was really intolerable!

Out of frustration, Dolly had decided not to use the cat litter box but went around the house and pissed everywhere, particularly at the sofa, rugs, shoes, etc. How I hated having to clean the cat urine!!!

Years later, I came across an article that addresses this problem and gives 18 ways of stopping the Cat Odor Problem.

This article provides good information on:
- Discover Cat Litter Box Issues- and Easily Solve Them
- Four Secrets to Get Your Cat Back to Good Litter Box Habits
- The One Product You Should NEVER Use to Clean Cat Urine Odor
- A Simple 30-Second Test That Can Stop A Cat Urine Problem - Do It In Your Home


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